thinking2smWould you like to spend some time with Kathie M. Thomas, Virtual Assistant Leader, on a monthly basis to enhance your VA practice?

Well, now you can through the VA Coaching Club!

Running a Virtual Assistant business but feel like you need a push?

Perhaps you feel you are missing something but not quite sure what?

You’ve thought about doing a coaching course but the cost is currently prohibitive and yet you know you need help?

Or perhaps the one-on-one isn’t quite what you’re looking for and you’d prefer a group coaching scenario?  Or perhaps you’d like both?

Participating in a coaching club as part of a group gives the opportunity to share in a safe environment while hearing what others have experienced. It can provide a sense of empowerment to know you are not alone in how you feel or think.

kathie07feb08-80pixI know many feel totally overwhelmed when they join the Virtual Assistant industry and have no idea how to start first or where to go for help.  Should they have a website? Should they be joining VA networks?  Which sites should you pay to join without being scammed?

These and a million other questions surface when people are faced with starting their own business – it’s not just in the Virtual Assistant Industry.

Let’s face it. There’s nothing like being supported and encouraged by someone who has already trodden the path you are choosing. There’s value in learning from someone else’s mistakes rather than making your own.  And why should you re-invent the wheel if someone else can share their knowledge and experience?

Well, look no further!  The VA Coaching Club is designed to give you the knowledge to help fill in the gaps and move forward with your plans.

1. One monthly open call session on a set topic for discussion.

2. Periodic guest speakers on topics relevant to the VA industry.

3. Occasional one-on-one private coaching call sessions for 15 mins.

4. MP3 recording of the monthly call sessions to listen to and review.

5. Access to articles and materials for members only.

6. Discounts on products and services.

For only $39 a month you can get coaching and mentoring through the VA Coaching Club.  Once signed up you don’t have to do anything to maintain your membership – it will be charged automatically to your chosen form of payment (Paypal, Amex, Visa or Mastercard).  If you decide to cancel you simply need to email to arrange for the payments to be stopped.  Payments are made via a secure server.